*As Claire is in America, all consultations, tutoring, and courses are carried out online. She uses Skype, WhatsApp, and Google Classroom. She may also refer you to websites or Youtube videos on occasion if she thinks it will help you. Therefore, you will need a computer or mobile device, internet connectivity, and the above-mentioned apps. 

*Also, because Claire is American, she speaks American English. She is unable to teach students British English. 

As an EFL consultant for HBCALE, Claire is available as an English language advisor to all HBCALE members. 

HBCALE knows how important strong English language skills are if you want to succeed in today's global environment. That is why the following services are available completely free of charge to all HBCALE members:

  1. Free English language consultations. If you need help with a document, have a few grammar questions, or need help with an upcoming test, contact Claire. She can help prepare you to face life's challenges with language confidence.
  2. One month of English tutoring. Need more focused attention? She can also set up one month of one-on-one tutoring. Get personalized help with English in a safe, private environment.
  3. English language homework help. Are you or your child already learning English in a classroom? That's great! Contact Claire if you need more personalized attention. She can help explain a concept, or help you understand difficult homework.

Want to learn even more English? Fantastic! HBCALE Members also get 50% off all English courses and tutoring. Claire offers personalized classes in a variety of English language subjects including:


   Language Basics
   Pronunciation I
   Grammar I
   Writing Basics: Roman Alphabet, Spelling, and Handwriting



   Pronunciation II
   Grammar II
   Writing in English: Sentences and Paragraphs


   Casual Conversation, Slang, and Etiquette 
   Pronunciation III
   Grammar III
   The American Short Story: Reading & Writing American Literature

Don't see what your looking for? Contact Claire, and she will design a class to meet your individual needs. 

Welcome, HBCALE Members!

Claire St. Hilaire

 American Novelist

"To tell a story, one must first listen."