Day 14: Cu Chi Tunnel Complex and Tay Ninh's Cao Dai Temple

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Uniforms no longer separate the innocent from the guilty. We all have blood on our hands.

Deborah gets back late from Vietnam. Before leaving she had stopped talking to Miller because she was so horrified at what she had seen him do. But as soon as she lands she drives to his house.

No one answers when she knocks, so she lets herself in. She finds Miller with a bottle of whiskey and a revolver.

“We are asked to carry the weight of America’s guilt.”

“The mark of trauma never heals. But remember too, the mark of love also does not fade.”

“Sometimes death is not the ultimate sacrifice, life is.”

“I still do.”

“How can you? How can you love evil?”

“Miller looks at me. We liberated that country. They elect their leader, they have a growing economy, access to health care, all that because we were there. War is a pulling back of the curtain to reveal human wickedness. It’s terrifying—it’s like being naked—no civilization to hide your secrets. But evil is always there. And in those few cases where a region or people has stripped down and revealed its hidden evil, it’s our job to go into the world.

The relationship between Alex and Rachel needs to be mirrored in his relationship with the “Jungle Witch/ Jade Queen.”

The demolitions guy should be obsessed with rhythm. Boom Boom. Click. Boom.